In-depth Training on the MKMMA Concepts

The excitement begins on April 26, 2015 when I arrive for the retreat in Kauai to meet and enhance my learning experience in the MKMMA!

What lays before on the days in Kauai!

Spiritual Scavenger Hunt. Everybody knows how fun a treasure hunt is for objects and lessonsKauai from your Master Key Experience. Hidden gems on Kauai of prized treasures, awareness’s and epiphanies.
Celebrate and Connect. It’s a retreat where the staff and Guides will be waiting with plenty of time to fellowship.
Compressed Learning and Fun. Developed teaching method of compressed learning. Learn more, faster and retain in less time, building a burning desire while remaining detached.
Masterminding a Perfect Plan. This is a highly interactive workshop and mastermind. You’ll work in groups or individually to develop and fine-tune your adventure with attention on building the perfect plan.
Work with the Guides. Who will be there to serve you on your Kauai Master Key Experience. A full staff ready to help you get the most from this experience. All masterminding and joining in on the fun stuff too.
A Tour For You. There will be special tours to choose from like sailing the NaPali Coast or kayak through the jungle to a secret waterfall or bike down the Waimea Canyon.
The Pits and More Adventure. there are nightly fire pits to share, grow and fellowship. The choice is yours, you’re self-directed!
Kauai is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We want you to improve and at the same time enjoy Kauai.
Doesn’t this excite you to be a part of the next MKMMA session in fall of 2015 … Take a chance and learn more of this amazing world-class program!

Live, love, laughter and believe in that all is Miracles!


What wonderful treasures are to be found in MKMMA

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