The Master keys to success include masterminding with great thought leaders. Mark J known as The World’s Laziest Networker has partner with many of us in the Network Marketing industry to share his decades of experience.

He’ll share 12 of his best video tips over the next month.
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This first video is about 8 minutes, detailing the format. All the
others are 2-4 minutes.

Do you want to bring up your business rejection free?

KEY: remember the subconscious mind makes all the decisions so as
you view these tips, keep that in the front of your mind. Each tip
leverages subconscious triggers agreement.

The rep who really wants to grow will jot down this phrase and
read it prior to each video.

“The Subconscious Makes All the Decisions”

You’ll experience instant positive results with these ‘mini-skills’
if you use them.

We all face the same situations.

How do you bring up the business to people at work?
How do you bring up the business to people you’ve approached before
about other things?
How do you bring up the business to friends at social functions?

We cover the 9 most common situations and show you how to get a yes
better than 90% of the time.

You’ll also notice the subject line will tell you what that short
video is about so you can save them and quickly find what you are
looking for.

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As always, these videos are free as are all the skills.

It is a skill based business and practice in the Mother of Skill

Listen, learn, practice and keep growing.

Christina Chiba