MKMMA Week 10: “Presence before persistance”

This week the focus is on persistence. If I am persistent, I will be successful, the words of Scroll Three of ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino say.

But is that enough?

I don’t buy Lululemon products, but their short YouTube on presence caused me to pause and go back to week 9 in the MKMMA and reflect. “Presence” is the operative word, I think we, maybe more me, needed to take one step back and be present in my life. Please take a few minutes to watch this …

Life changed. Thinking back now and crazy as this sounds, it started on day one in MKMMA … but I just didn’t know it and had not realized that I had not been present in my life for a long time. Without being present, there was no focus, no clarity in goals. I had taken a back sit and was letting life and world pass me by.


I was giving to others’ lives and needs, and ignoring or looking away from my own life and needs … falling into the trap of technology and disconnecting from me … This was not all wrong, because it is important to help and give to others, but one must not forget to give and be kind to ourselves. Better balance! The old saying, ‘charity begins at home’ is so true.


So the question is not if you are persistent in your life but if you are present? The persistence will be an offshoot of presence, together they build the success we all desire.

The further I get into MKMMA, the more basic the ‘tools’ are, to be that best person we already are inside. We all are born with these tools but sadly have locked away under the guidance of the world outside. They are simple and basic but that does not mean that they are easy and without work or commitment! Ease does come with allowing these ‘tools’ to become part of you once again … Like starting the Seven Day Mental Diet, which brings you back to the positive place in your life.

All under the umbrella of Presence!

 Good Habits




These are just a few treasures that MKMMA has unlocked for me! My wish for others, the world for that matter, is for everyone to find their key … ‘Master Key’ to their treasures inside of them.


A wish to all the Season’s best and a New Year filled with Happiness and Joy!


~ Christina

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  • Trish

    Clear truth. Transformation underway. So grateful to witness the process in you, Christina.

  • Bruce Thurtell


    Sounds like a breakthrough. This is incredible that you have shared this.


  • Catherine Osthaus

    Being in the present moment is definitely a habit! I love the Lululemon video. It sure contained a few truths in it.

  • Shelby Nolan

    Great post, with a little persistence, being in the present gets easier.