MKMMA Week 11: “The Battle of My Brains!”


This is a week of wonderful personal changes and new beginnings but tethered by the remnants of the old blueprint … More of a thoughtfulness of the place I now find myself in … a good place.


We keep talking about ‘blueprints’ in MKMMA but not paper ones, invisible ones that live in our minds which each day take us on ‘auto pilot’ through our days …


I wonder if I am the only one who wonders about why and how I got to this place in life, doing things without a thought. It is like wake sleepwalking … I get to the end of the day, ‘been busy but not got much done?’ Crazy eh?


Working through MKMMA, I now see the ‘errors of my way’, well really the way of the world around me that I have jumped on board with. Just part of the crowd and lost in the shuffle … Now I am stepping out and taking my place in the sun and radiating my true self.

It sounds odd but so many of us, including me have lived our lives following rather than leading … Do you want to be a leader? I want to lead even if it is only in my life. It is about taking charge and responsibility.


I won’t say it is easy or there is no work. I would be lying. The tools and requirements for the course are simple but you have to do the work. For me it is a struggle with the past me and present me that I work on each day … It is easy to slip into complacency and the way it was, because it is known even if it is not great.

The new me is different. It is like a pair of new shoes that have to be broken in … just don’t feel right or comfortable yet. I know once they are broken in they will be comfortable, but it is the moments before that I begin to question, will they fit? Will they be comfortable? Maybe I should give up and put my old shoes on … This is the old blueprint creeping in to pull you back. Knowing this, it is easier to say no and keep wearing those shoes or that new blueprint until they are comfortable.


It is in the persistence that I know they will fit … that the new me will fit and I will be comfortable but for a moment until that next opportunity to grow presents itself.


All I can say is- if you have a chance to do the MKMMA, take it! It is a gift and you will never look back …Living life forward!!!


Love the words of the song from Frozen, take a moment to listen to the words … Let it go … Let it go … I am one with the wind and stars …

A wish of health, happiness and prosperity always,


P.S. I always keep my promises!

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  • Trish

    Every day new choices… new shoes… Eyes wide open. Amazing things in store…

  • Andrew Fenwick

    A lovely shared experience Christina, the old blue print is stubborn, however is only doing its best to fulfill our past expectations of it still. Keep up the great work

  • Burgess Harrison

    First, great shoes…. 🙂 Keep believing and keep the faith. I can see your inner strength coming through all the affirmations. Your acceptance of where you are if a good first step–not just for you but for all of us. It’s that looking in the mirror like we did as we read our DMP’s for 50 minutes. Wow, that was a blast. 🙂 I hope that you are using all of the affirmations, slogans, tag lines, quotes, etc. that you outline in your post as your own reminders and support. Hang in there and believe!!!!

  • Joseph Ebel

    Christina, I really enjoyed reading your post. I’m with you all the way. You are chipping away at that cement, and with that persistent effort and belief in you, you will succeed. You are the Master of your own destination. Here is an affirmation I put together to get me through the rough spots. “I am determined to be determined… to live a determined life. To live my life on purpose. I will persist until I succeed -True north, strong and free”. Thank you for all the re-tweets 🙂

  • I loved your analogy to a new pair of shoes and feeling comfortable, really enjoyed reading! Enjoy your journey! Carol

  • Bruce Thurtell


    It is said, the first step in fixing a problem is accepting there is one. You are on your way, keep persisting as you have said you need to do and the Shoes will fit.

    To your new wardrobe.


  • Clyde Railsback

    What an eye catching beginning image. I enjoyed your blog.

  • Elaine Archambeau

    You are very open with your process. I doubt you are the only one who thinks “how did I get here…?” I know I wonder at how I made it to where I am. Not entirely sleepwalking, but part of the time. I am aware however I have had “intention” for quite a while, just not the words. I would bet you have to in some areas. ??

  • Carla Brooks

    Very good, I truly enjoyed your post and I share many of your same struggles on this wonderful MKMMA journey. This growth is good!

  • Bruce Carlson

    Hi Christina,
    Very nice blog! You are not along in your evolution through the MKMMA journey I’ve had many of the feelings of wake sleepwalking. In reading other blog you will see much of the same thing. Where will it take you is the big question. What do you think is your biggest challenge?