MKMMA Week 12: “Baking that Cake”


In this week’s lesson … simple words have new meaning and significance that are powering me forward.




Read individually they really don’t offer much. Together, like the ingredients in a cake they make that …


“You must first have the knowledge (ingredient one) of your power; second, the courage (ingredient two) to dare; third the faith (ingredient three) to do!”

We all have the knowledge … I have the knowledge but forget one of the ingredients and I can’t make the cake …

Action (ingredient four) is necessary or there is no cake. It will not just materialize … courage to dare!


This week we took the step forward to ‘making the cake’ and trimmed our definite major purpose goal (DMP) into a single sentence … I was not sure what we would do with this single line but again those words echoed … have the knowledge with the courage to dare and the faith in the process was on the ingredient list … just waiting to add action.

So for 50 minutes, everyone in the course went to a mirror and read their DMP repeatedly. Initially, I was not sure what the outcome would be, but it was magical. I was in my new life, me to me with me. Crazy as it sounds, but it secured the belief, my belief in me.

The next ‘recipe’ for me was even more powerful and it came in the simple form of index cards. I had to write down 50 things that I have done well or accomplished throughout my life and a few key affirmations. It was a challenge. Why?


Because we are not wired for all the wonderful things, simple or large. What we achieve, our successes are overshadowed in a flash by the few things we did not accomplish. 

Like me, I can do, a 100 tasks in a day but miss one thing … not get the dry cleaning or finish a report and I berate myself … This is crazy!!! How and where did I learn to look at the world from the negative side … failure versus success … This was so amazing, to now look my day from a positive vantage point and know we are incredible beings!


Now I come to the question for you…Have you ever thought of all the wonderful and good things that you do in a day? I would encourage you to do this, if not with index cards to flip through and reinforce that amazing person you are but just a piece of paper and list of what you did today … For me these cards now radiate the pride that I have in myself. I carry them with me and flip through them in quiet times and in times of need to shift from that wired negative place (soon to be gone) and be in the positive. It does not mean the world is all positive, far from it, but it is now the place from which I view the world.

And then there is the ‘Bear Kettle Hug’, the last recipe to shift immediately to that positive place instantly! …I will leave it at that and peek your interest…

All this makes me feel energetic and healthy in mind body and spirit …

To learn more about the next session, let me know. I would love to share more about MKMMA!


Happy Healthy Holidays and Prosperity in 2015 and a beautiful song by Pentatonix to end this blog!


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  • Bruce Thurtell

    You put this so well. The images make the message so much stronger. Beautiful.


  • Janet Andrews

    Beautiful, powerful and right on point! I really agree with how you put everything together so sweetly and ended it on just the right note. Thank you for the lovely video and Merry Christmas to you as well. I will revisit this blog multiple times for sure.