MKMMA Week 13, Christmas 2014: “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Index Cards”


This week’s MKMMA continues to build on the understanding of so many simple and evident things in life, and the continuing of the four tiny habits on which to “write your own ticket (Napoleon Hill)” in life.


There are no secrets or gifts in the universe; it is all here for anyone who wishes to see and enjoy. “Getting It” is the opening your eyes, heart and mind to what already lays before us all. It is like that gently strung Christmas bough, intimately connected- beautiful, wonderful and amazing for all to see, but in the shape of index cards. Cards that shout out gratitude and that you are amazing in all you do! … so often lost in the negative around us, in the world that has been cultivated by the masses …


What are these four simple habits? If they allowed you to write your ticket in life, aren’t you a little intrigued? Finding that person you want to be … each day saying, “I can be what I want to be?” Wow, that would be amazing!


Four Habits

  1. A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its attainment (Haanel)
  2. A definite major plan of action or DMP written by hand
  3. A mind that is focused on positive and barricaded from the negative influences within and around us (7 Day Mental Diet)
  4. A mastermind alliance with individual to support and encourage

Everything that is done in MKMMA is connected and one in the same. There is a common voice or threat, that bough around the house, being the cause, not the result of wonderful things in your life and others … learning with ease, completing things effortlessly and in harmony with the world and with yourself.

In these final words are my wish for all this Holiday Season …

“Ask And It Shall be Given to You”

“Seek And Ye Shall Find”

“Knock And It Shall Be Opened Unto You”

“For Every One That Asketh Receiveth!

And a share of the story of the Red Ball and living your dreams!

To learn more about the next MKMMA session, connect with me through my blog. I would love to share more …

So for now …

Deck the Halls with boughs of Index Cards …

Happy Healthy Holidays and Prosperity in 2015!

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  • Bruce Brown

    I love simplicity. The four habits are easy to remember, powerful if sometimes challenging to apply. Awesome.

  • Marea Adejuwon

    Great Blog, Christina! Awesome to chat with you today!

  • brian cadena

    very good thoughts about the 4 habits great job

  • brian cadena

    very good thoughts about the 4 habits.

  • Bruce Carlson

    Hi Christina,
    Like the blog. Great job of stating what MKMMA is doing. Anyone who reads this blog, and especially is a non-MKMMA person will want to know more. A suggestion would be to add a little bit of your personal experiences into the blog. People love that and they’re want more.


  • lydia johnson

    Great post Christina! Love your creativity!!

  • Brodi

    It was great reading your blog post today and Merry Christmas and happy new year to you, Thanks for sharing the four habits.

    Take Care… Brodi