This week was filled with family, friends and festivities, but in the quiet moments we all need to treasure, I was able to keep connected with MKMMA work and viewed the film, “Door to Door!”


It allowed me to reflect on how many things in life are connected and that we are all whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!


It is a story set in the 1950’s, inspired by the life of an ‘exceptional salesman’, Bill Porter. Surprisingly, I found that there are two films, one done in Japanese and other American. I hope to get a copy of the Japanese film also to watch and see the connections in cultures.


Now about the film … it is a must watch to see not for its special effects or cast of stars, but for the messages and connections in life that unfold as the film.

The honor and integrity in trying and succeeding because we ‘all be what we will to be.’

It is only what we plant in our minds that either propels us forward or holds us back … Like in ‘The Strangest Secret’ by Earl Nightingale, the soil we plant seeds in does not differentiate if they are vegetables or weeds … it allows either to grow unhindered of who or what they are!

The basics to be that successful “Door to Door”, salesman you need to be able to drive, walk and talk. The character based on Bill Porter could not drive and did the last two with great challenge because of his cerebral palsy.

Yet, the key to his success was in his vision of himself as able not disabled and his willingness to persist and be patient.


In MKMMA, we learn, understand and apply the components of patience and persistence … Just four tiny habits that successful people share:

  1. A DMP or Definite Major Purpose in Life
  2. A PMA or Positive Mental Attitude
  3. A WPOA or Written (key) Plan of Action
  4. A MMA or MasterMind Alliance

In the film, the Bill Porter character had a goal to be a salesman like his father (1). He had a positive mental attitude, learned from his move to be patient and persistent and success will come (2). He had a plan and took action each day going door to door (3). He had a mastermind with his mom who supported and guided him on his journey (4).

A huge moment in the film for me in the form of questions. Why was it, that someone with physical limitations can be successful and why are we, able bodied people so crippled in life? …four tiny habits!

On a final note, we were travelling this holiday in Arizona and had the pleasure to meet a wonderful woman who was Navaho. She shared a simple statement with my sons, which pulled things even more. I’d like to share it with you.

“Whatever your belief, you were given two feet to walk and two hands to create … don’t waste them!”

“Believe, see and take action and you will succeed!”

If you would like to learn more about MKMMA, connect with me on my blog!

A wish of health, happiness and success in 2015!




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  • Trish

    So enjoying seeing you make connections. Peace.

  • Joseph Ebel

    Christina, what a beautiful and inspiring post. Words are thoughts and you do it so well. Thank you for recapping what were learning and using the movie for the lesson. I really enjoy your posts…there like a mini refresher course.

    • CChibamk

      Thank-you for your kind words…so many amazing people in MKMMA connecting!

  • Bobbie Nabinger

    Christina – You make some great points about Door to Door. This is such a moving story of patience and persistence – I love it and I love how it relates to our master keys journey! Nice job! Bobbie