MKMMA Week 15: “Are You Ready for a Makeover?”


In the World Wide Web, there is no shortage for “Makeover Tips”, from weight loss, looking 10 years younger, financial success and the list goes on …


The only concern with many of these makeover tips is that they focus on the external person … running thoughts of … If only I looked better, was the right weight or had money I would be the person I want to be.

These are all things in our “world outside” and not the “world within” us. It is if “things” make us happy and successful, but it is the other way around. If we are happy inside the “world within” us than we are successful and the things around us fall into place, the “world outside.”

This is the incredible key in life that we have all been given. The opportunity for success and change in life that is limitless … The world within us all!


This week we learned about the “Franklin Makeover.” You must be intrigued or saying ‘not another makeover thing!!!’ This one is different.

A little history about the Franklin Makeover is that it was conceived by the American founding father Benjamin Franklin. He developed a self-help/personal makeover regime, which he followed. It covered “13 Virtues” in his autobiography ( His desire was to become the best version of Benjamin Franklin that he could be. With his identified 13 virtues, he would work once a week and repeated this cycle 4 times a year. As an example he would work on “industry” to help him overcome his self-perceived shortcomings of laziness …


The cool thing about MKMMA and Mark Januszewski is that he has taken it to another level and moved it from the negative to a positive focus in us. This is done by turning our vision from the negative focus that we are all hardwired in life to see the positive in the world and in others. It will change the tone of your day and life …

My first virtue is Self-Discipline …

First what is it?

By definition it is “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.”

For me it is to meet the opportunities each day to pursue to completion and celebrate the examples of self discipline I see in others … I am taking the liberty to reframe it into a positive.

And with this virtue, like Roosevelt said …


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  • johnlmkmma

    This a an outstanding piece. Beautifully written and nicely presented with all the pertinent facts about old Ben himself. It is a pleasure to visit and read your thoughts. kudos!


  • Claes Wallenberg

    Thanks for the in-depth post on the “Franklin Make-Over” and the referens to his auto biography, this really helped make the process clearer to me!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

  • Bruce Brown

    Nice, Christina! Transformation stories are indeed compelling, and sometimes inspiring, but this week’s beginning of Franklin’s program (with a positive MKMMA twist) is indeed deeper. My focus this week is persistence!