MKMMA Week 17: “Blogging from Turkey!”


It is pretty amazing to be sitting here in Turkey in a lovely pastry shop enjoying a coffee and writing my blog for MKMMA this week! The realization is that MKMMA can go and be anywhere because it is part of me and my daily life …The me, the best me as I continue to grow into my future self, I envision!
Why do I think that?
Well it is not just a course, it is a course in life … my life. Why would I not take it with me?
Last week, as a group, we committed to a week of kindness in our actions and our observations. Three hundred plus in unison and harmony coming together in a Master Mind of Kindness! It became clear that it was not just an activity in the course but it was a reconnection or awakening to what is already inside of us all- the desire to be kind and receive kindness!
Mark J’s ‘Hugs for Free’ video blew me away seeing ‘Kindness in Action!’  The power of a hug was uplifting!  Hugs are a gift that both the giver and receiver share, free but priceless, together!

It was quite evident that WE all need hugs whether they are physical or emotional. Hugs are the medicine of health and peace that we sometimes forget to share or give. Wonder what a dose of hugs daily by all would do in the world today? Opening hearts and minds to love, kindness and peace!  Hugs are universal!
On a final note the webinar finished with one word ‘Permission!’ To give us all, everyone, the permission to be who we are and to be happy. Have you given yourself permission to be yourself and be happy?  If not, please do this one small act of kindness for yourself, knowing we need to be kind to ourselves too! Give yourself permission to be and be happy!
After I affirmed and gave myself permission, the word morphed into ‘Mission.’  From giving ‘Permission’, I am moved to my mission or my personal pivotal needs of ‘Legacy and Helping Others.’  Exciting! Amazing! Wonderful!
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  • Trish

    I can’t wait to hear about Turkey too!

  • Dennis Bell

    I love the point you make about how the MKMMA goes with us wherever we are…or are We part of MKMMA. Either way we’re connected to it, and each other! Excellent reminder on permission to be happy too! Great post Christina!

  • Marea Adejuwon

    Amazing blog, Christina! Give yourself permission to give away free hugs too!!!

  • Marea Adejuwon

    Amazing blog, Christina! Give your self permission to give away free hugs too!!!