MKMMA Week 17, Part II: “Nothing is ever Old!”


This is a week of reflection and review of the past weeks in MKMMA, but as I turn the pages back, I realize that ‘nothing is old’ but that everything is new to me. How can I say that? Well, I am looking at the information through different eyes. I am not the same person who first began this course those so many weeks ago.

As human beings we can see things ‘age chronologically’ but we are not static in our bodies, thoughts and minds. We constantly view life differently because we are in motion as we grow and change from moment to moment. This is one of the wonders of being human, life and living.

Each time I re-read a book or watch a film, I find or see something new. But is it new? Or is it that I am viewing it from a different place and time in my life? This is why I can say that ‘nothing is ever old!’ in my eyes. It is the treasure hunt of life finding new gems to enrich life as we look and embrace the world each day.


Reviewing and running through the first 4 scrolls of 10, in Og Mandino’s, ‘World’s Greatest Salesman’; powerful one-line statements, old but new, come into view! Even if I re-read them tomorrow I will find something different or that resonates with me … interesting?


Today I see in the words …

Scroll 1 – Good Habits

Scroll 2 – “Greet each day with love in your heart”

Scroll 3 – Persistence

Scroll 4 – We are ALL Nature’s greatest miracle

Tomorrow who knows what wonders may appear as I read the word again?


Lastly, this week I am embarking on the Hero’s Journey in MKMMA. I think though by just beginning MKMMA, I have already started this journey. I just had not put it into words and thought.

What is the Hero’s Journey?

From the work of Joseph Campbell, broad and old as the world itself. According to Campbell, “a hero is any male or female who leaves the world of his or her everyday life to undergo a journey to a special world where challenges and fears are overcome in order to secure a reward (special knowledge, healing potion, etc.) which is then shared with other members of the hero’s community.


The hero lies in all of us … Life is a journey to find that self awareness, growth and being. It is exciting to have embarked on this journey!

In gratitude everyday,


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  • Trish

    Isn’t it wonderful seeing new things!? One way to live in constant amazement. 🙂

  • Anne

    So true about “grateful eyes”. Love your blog; thanks for sharing.

  • Bill MacFeat

    Great posts.. I read both I and II.. Love how we can bring our course with us everywhere we go, I am currently out of the country and it’s really a course of action or a course of direction on our compass.
    I agree with you regarding Og and reading in general. Each time I read the same thing over I still pick up something new. It is great to always expect the unexpected, greeting each day with a breath of fresh new air for the new day of our new lives.. Peace be the Journey~

  • Dominique Faillard

    Beautiful song. Deep thought. A great Journey for you Christina !