MKMMA Week 18: “The Ants go Marching One by One!”


Odd week where we are staying, ants in the middle of winter have decided to live in the bathroom … Odd because there is no food source there, it is middle of winter and we are experiencing temperatures in the -20’s with the wind chill.

It made me wonder …

In the end, the ants have as much right to be here, as I do. We are all part of nature, connected and one.

Strangely, the ants made me think deeper about the two films I watched for MKMMA this week …   ‘I Am’ and ‘Finding Joe.’ Both wonderful and thought provoking films about the time we are living in now. By watching films and seeing the ants’ courage to meet the day, survive and live in this artificial world we have created, it was beautiful to see their ‘Hero’s Journey!’

Here are the trailers for a quick check to see if you would like to see them.

I Am

Finding Joe

Sitting back, I wondered, was there a message that they were giving me? So, next I explored the meaning of ants in natural medicine.

The ant is a power animal and symbolizes teamwork (mastermind in harmony), oneness (world within) and patience (understanding and taking time). Pretty cool, since these were some of the messages in this week’s lesson as well as throughout the course!

Next, ants are industrious and live together in community! Each ant has its own bit to do to ensure the survival of the whole community. We live in the community of Earth and connect with one another on so many levels, even if you are on the other side of the world. Yet we aren’t quite there yet, leaving in harmony. Would that not be wonderful!


Ants also honour and respect each other within the community. With Franklin’s makeover, from last week, we have begun to look closer at best in people daily. Seeing the positive and connecting with each virtue we select to observe that week. Acknowledging that there is good in the simplest or smallest action like kindness. Watching the ripple effect spread like a free hug …

Ants are great architects taking a dream or thought to reality. We like them, we are the architects of our lives if we choose to take the ‘Hero’s Journey!’

If I had not use the ant in this blog, it could easily be seen as a story about me, or my journey. We are all trail blazers if we choose the road less travelled to our “Bliss”, as Joseph Campbell so accurately stated.


The ant may be small but its message is great. They show us how to let go of ego and align with equality, a hero’s journey.

Following the virtues of the ant, what would the world landscape look like?

To bring dreams, thoughts, and desires into reality and take the ‘Hero’s Journey!’


In gratitude and kindness,


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  • Trish

    WONDERFUL! I love looking at the wildlife around and asking the same questions! For so many years. It’s amazing what they reveal to us when our spirits and hearts and eyes are open. Clearly, yours are! 🙂

  • Anne

    I love your poster about the difference between your dreams and reality is action. It sums up what MKMMA is all about for me. Enjoyed your thoughtful consideration of ants. I can hardly imagine such cold weather as you describe. Maybe those ants are enjoying the generosity of your warmth too. Thank you for sharing. Great to be on this journey with you. Anne

  • Anne

    I love your comparison of life to the ants and how you point out our connectedness to nature and to one another. How very true this is.