MKMMA Week 22: “In Silence We Hear!”

MKMMA Week 22-1

This week’s task and discussion in the Master Keys centers on silence.

Suddenly questions bumped in my head…

-What is silence?

-Could I be silent?

-Would it be a wonderful experience or would I be afraid?

-What is the value of silence?

-Is there power in silence?

So I began to answer my questions… and realize somewhere not answerable until I have taken that journey into silence.

Silence by definition is the complete absence of sound. I asked myself: is there really a place in the world where one can go to be in silence? Or, is it being in nature undisturbed by the day to day world of noise and distraction we live in? Or maybe it is the silence inside of me where I go to listen, separating for a time from the outside world.

Where is that place where I could go and be in silence or be silent? It would have to be a planned endeavor supported by family and friends and that I had gone ‘off line’ for the moment.

Could I be silent? That was a big question. I wonder if those peptides we learned about would kick in… that I would not be able to be quiet because my body and mind crave that constant noise. Would it be like going thru withdrawal? Would I like to spend time with me and only me? Would it be wonderful or would I be afraid of what I might hear?

MKMMA Week 22-2

This week I have started with building the muscle of silence a few hours here and there. It was easier than I thought and beautiful. Like breathing fresh air at the cottage or watching the sunrise.

Now begins the plan for the big adventure into silence. It is going to take me to a place where I can be all by myself. Keep your eye out for “Christina’s Adventure into Silence!”

My journey begins…

MKMMA Week 22-3

Live, love, laughter and believe in that all is Miracles!



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  • Trish

    Building a muscle of silence. Cool.

  • Ursula D'Angelo

    Aloha Christina! I have seen some of your other posts and appreciate your reflections and candor! I really love the Deepak Chopra quote and the beautiful graphic at the end of your blog….it really took me there with your questions guiding me!

  • Willena Flewelling

    Even out here in the country, an hour from the city and 20 minutes from the nearest town, it is never completely silent. What I need is separation from my family, and relief from the chatter in my head. In the summer, where bike riding is possible, that means riding to some secluded spot by a wood or river, and sitting quietly for a period of time. I can hear the sounds of nature, but everything else fades away into nothingness.

  • Rick Mahoney

    Love it, lots of good thoughts/observations or maybe conjecture. Either way silence provides the opportunity to pay attention to your own authentic self instead of all the obfuscation noise provides. If you don’t yet know yet what you are pretending not to know, and or what would the person I intend to become do next you may find your answers there. Virtually all my answers have come in or due to silence. It is hard to hide there. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.