MKMMA Week 22a: “In Quiet Moments Bring Reflection”


MKMMA Week 22a

‘Quiet please’ has been my catch phrase for the week but not to the outside world but the world inside of me …

I realized quickly, that I would have to be the one to move to that quiet place to reflect on life and this course. The world around does not stop and so I had to step away from the hustle and bustle for a moment.

So, I began to look back to the day I started the Master Key Alliance Course and to this moment where I now sit, a changed or more so a rediscovered person. I have been given the gift to rediscover that person or Golden Buddha within that I had so careful locked away …

Full circle I went back to watch the story ‘Finding Joe’ and my path to finding my ‘hero’s journey!’

We are at the finish line of the course, only a few brief weeks left until we ‘graduate’ and step out on our own. No more lessons, webinars or requirements, but we will not be alone. Together we have forged a group of friends and positive energy that will live on.

MKMMA Week 22a-2

Funny when I started typing the word ‘life’ and I typed ‘lie’, Freudian? I had thought that I was living the ‘life’ based on what was around and outside of me but these are just things not real in the sense that the ‘infinite power and pure potentiality’ that is and has always been in us or me! To live the life is to live it from within …

Sometimes it was shocking to see how the world outside had taken hold. Now I can take that precious step back, observe and choose my direction and live my life through me and not through others!

Not sad that Master Key Alliance is ending in the tangible but joyous that I have stayed the course and “I will be what I will to be (Haanel).”

MKMMA Week 22a-3

Come join in on this amazing journey to find your hero within! Next session of MKMMA begins September 27, 2015! See you there, once a member always a member for life!

Live, love, laughter and believe in that all is Miracles!



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  • Jason

    Great post it is so cool to see your progress and your insight. Great job

  • Wendy

    It’s been an amazing Journey hasn’t it?
    See you at the finish line! 🙂