MKMMA Week 23: ““Jumped off the Page!”


MKMMA Week 23

Have you ever read a word or passage that jumps of the page in front of your eyes and dances in your thoughts and mind for hours?

MKMMA Week 23-2

As you can guess, my word from this weeks’ lesson in the MKMMA were defenselessness, acceptance and responsibility all wrapped up in the Law of Least Effort …

Surprisingly, my first thoughts were the rooted in my old blueprint and the eyes my parents and society had given me …

My mind jumped the standard dictionary meanings. For defenselessness it was “without defense or protection; totally vulnerable.” My old blueprint jumping to the conclusion based on the outside world and society … right but wrong.

MKMMA Week 23-3

Thank goodness, my new blueprint jumped into action … be the observer, take that moment to look, listen and hear. It was not just words but it was a concept and part of the “Law of Least Effort.”

MKMMA Week 23-4

Defenselessness was not negative; it was and is beautiful and brilliant! It gave me the permission to ‘relinquish’ the need to defend my point of view. That there is ‘no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view.’ Including myself. That I can ‘remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.

MKMMA Week 23-5

Then there were the two other important parts to ‘Law of Least Effort,’ Acceptance and Responsibility.

MKMMA Week 23-6

Simply, though not simple is to ‘accept people, situations, cirmumstances and events as they occur.’ It is in the knowing that the ‘universe is as it is and should be.’ The power is in accepting things as they are and not as you wish them to be. It was clear that when you push back at the universe, surprise it pushes back … As Chopra says, acceptance brings down the walls and there is no longer this struggle of wills.

MKMMA Week 23-7

Finally, there is responsibility. By becoming defenseless, accepting things as they are, and taking responsibility for my situation blaming no one and most of all myself, I can now see that there are no problems.

MKMMA Week 23-8

Problems are a disguise for opportunities to ‘take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit!’

MKMMA Week 23-9

In Deepak Chopra’s words;

MKMMA Week 23-10

Let this day and everyday be ‘life flowing with effortless ease,’ guided by defenselessness, acceptance and responsibility.

Live, love, laughter and believe in that all is Miracles!


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