MKMMA Week 24: “Digging for Gold, Found Treasure!”

MKMMA Week 24-1

It is hard to believe that I am now at the end of the MKMMA course and the final webinar will be this Sunday! Rather than the oddly ending, I feel and know that this is only the beginning of the journey… my hero’s journey!

MKMMA Week 24-2

‘Like the caterpillar said this is the end while the butterfly said this is just the beginning!’

MKMMA Week 24-3

Everything has led up to this moment… To being the person I intend to be or more so the person I am meant to be. Each week ending but bringing forward the anticipation of the next!

Like the ‘Never Ending Story.’

Learning and doing many things, like the Seven Day Mental Diet, Haanel, Emerson, Fox and the list goes on…

I found the map and dug up the treasures… a simple white board, weekly lessons and an amazing webinar with and Mark and Davene Januszewski, Trish, Derek and Jason. The world has become a place of endless possibilities and incredible potential!

MKMMA Week 24-4

I choose to live my life by the compass and not the clock, knowing I can go anywhere and be me!

It has all come full circle to the core of all things written from thousands of years to a moment ago… be non-judgmental, observe, see and be love and trust the voice inside of you! Give more, be the hero. Know life is not about finishes it is about beginnings!

MKMMA Week 24-5

Here is the video that caught my attention and sealed my commitment to the MKMMA course.

It is a crazy, wonderful and amazing course and that I now can say I have connections around the world of people who are ‘kindred spirits.’

I hope one day we will meet in the MKMMA community. Take a leap of faith and check out the next session in September 2015.

MKMMA Week 24-6

THINK BIG and BOLD and discover the world within!!!

Live in Love and Laughter and believe in Miracles!


What wonderful treasures are to be found in MKMMA!

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  • Trish

    Such a blessing to be included in your circle of connections, Christina. What an amazing journey you’re beginning. SO excited to meet you in person. Peace be the journey. xoxoxo