MKMMA Week 25: “It’s Only Just Begun!”

MKMMA Week 25-1

This past Sunday was commencement day and the final webinar for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Course with Mark Januszewski and his amazing team.

Reminiscing about my journey has been like Mark said once- like the Titanic with all the interesting things I have chosen to bring into my life. MKMMA has been my lifeboat, grounding and giving me the peace to know that I am in control of my destiny and I have choice. More so, it has opened my eyes to seeing life rafts or life opportunities that now propel me forward to living the life we all deserve, no matter what our definite major purpose is.

The journey may be lonely for it is yours and yours alone, but you are never alone. The path is full of wonderful people you have met or have yet to meet!

Looking back and now forward it was and is an incredible life changing experience but one that has become never ending!  I have been gifted the tools through the course to live my life of bliss and learned to love the journey whatever it is and wherever it takes me! Maya Angelou’s quote is a perfect fit, the only thing I would add is its mirror image, “If you get, give, If you give, get. If you learn, teach. If you teach, learn.”

MKMMA Week 25-2

Thank you Mark and your amazing team… The journey has just begun!!


GiveLive, Love, Laugh and of most of all Believe,



What wonderful treasures are to be found in MKMMA!

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  • Trish

    Thank you, Christina for your amazing presence. Mahalo…
    Looking froward to Aloha! 🙂