MKMMA Week 4: “Never Give Up or those Peptides will get You!”

This week I almost fell off my chair when the presentation started with “Everyone is going to quit.” Not knowing where this was going, I straightened up in my chair and listened, rather than jumping to conclusions before I had the information.

It was an honest statement that was not only powerful, but kind. No one needs any more things that will pull them down …

“Unless you do this (the work), you had better not start at all, because modern psychology tell us that when we start something and do not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure; absolute, ignominious failure. If you do not intend to do the thing, DO NOT START; IF YOU DO START, see it through even if heavens fall; if you make up your mind to do something, do it; let nothing, no one, interfere; the “I” in you has determined, the thing is settled; the die is cast, there is no longer any argument.”

(Master Keys 12, Week 4, page 26)

Yes, everyone is going to quit but it meant different things to different people.

1. Leave the course


2. Giving up not giving your all … GO IN 100 percent!


We have been working on our ‘Blueprint’ and discovering how we need to build new positive pathways, but now after this week, it is even more critical that we don’t build negative ones … It sounded crazy, but we are addicted to our old ways not just because they are known safe. Even if we do not like them, it goes even deeper than that to our very neurological/biological core … It becomes the default that we don’t even know that we have created, accepted and played out … Wow!

Our very cells crave the peptides triggered by our feelings … It would be amazing if we were only addicted to positive feelings but this is not the case. Here with this knowledge is where the shift begins …

In this short video, Joe Dipenez D.C. explains the science around this “silent global addiction” and the reason why is vital to create a new positive reality and select new peptides, your success and your world within.


Each week seems more amazing and powerful. The power which is within all of us.

My eyes are opening to a new life reality, one that can be filled with happiness, love success and health.

I now begin my steps each day in the ‘flow of affluence.’ I give without expectation of reciprocity. I am a grateful receiver with a ‘thank-you.’ I give hope, joy, kindness and love to everyone I meet each day. This is my path of Positivity …

I always keep my promises,


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  • Trish

    Great stuff, Christina!

  • Chantal

    Thank you for your blog, Christina. This reminds me of the importance of the 100% commitment to this journey. I wish you a wonderful journey!

  • Christel Waltman

    Great blog! I’m quitting …my old paradigm and shifting to the 100% ‘Go For All’’s already been quite a challenge, but I’m with you, Christina.

    • Charli

      I too was stunned when I heard that most people were going to quit! It really grabbed my attention. I really like how you quoted the part of the master key where if you start something, be sure to complete it. I have take a different perspective on what I take on these days. If I am not willing to give it my best effort, I don’t say that I will do it. ~Charli

  • Christian Verny

    I agree Christina, Each week seems more amazing and powerful, revealing the best of ourselves.
    Be the best version of you on this journey.

  • Cherie

    That made me pay attention too when Mark said 100% of you are going to quit. Are we giving our best?
    Two questions that make one reevaluate the work that is really required for the best outcome.
    Overcoming the natural man is definitely a conscious effort. Best to you on your journey.

  • Heather Plude

    Wow! You are all in! I love your writing style, your enthusiasm and your insight. I am so glad we connected through this course! I am so blessed!