MKMMA Week 5: “Lest we forget”

As a child at school I learned this poem by John McCrae and wore a poppy to symbolize the men and women who fought and gave their lives for our country in times of war. Even to this day on November 11th of each year you can see bright red poppies on the coats of Canadians and the moment of silence.


This week’s blog is dedicated to the great loss Canada experienced with the cowardly act of individuals who senselessly took the lives of Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in Gatineau.

I was torn with what to write so I followed my heart … This past week, as a nation we have lost a little more our innocence and our capital city will never be the same.

I know this week I am not to have an opinion, but this is just wrong for Canada and the world.

One thing that MKMMA has brought into the forefront in my thoughts with a greater depth of meaning is the simple words I repeat each day…

Words to live by …

“I fully realize that no wealth or position can endure, unless built upon truth and justice. I engage in no transaction with does not benefit all who it affects (Blueprint Builder).”

Thankfulness and gratitude for those who chose to protect our country and give their lives to keep us from harms way …

Being consciously thankful! Again, simple words with great power.

  1. Wherever I go I bring a gift of a compliment, prayer, trinket or flower to everyone I meet
  2. I promise to be a grateful receiver with a thank-you
  3. I promise to give hope for joy, kindness, love no matter how short the meeting
  4. I promise to give with our the expectation of reciprocity

Finally the Law of Forgiveness …

“There can be no connect to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against brother or sister, justified or not exists.”

I forgive …

My MKMMA journey desire would be that it blanket the world. What different landscape we would exist in, peace and harmony, discovering the greatness that is inside and the power of service to others.

Living lives of health, happiness, love and kindness for all living things.

As Mark J. says, “Peace be the Journey”.

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  • Trish

    Yes. Let’s blanket the world. So grateful for you, Christina. Peace.

  • Cary

    Yes my heart goes out to Canada and the loss too. Great post and the greater awareness..

  • Chantal

    I am sorry for the loss your country experienced last week. It lightens my heart that the words educated in the MKMMA-journey guides you through this difficult time.

  • charli

    Following your heart makes you true to yourself. You seem to have a great connection and love for those who serve our country and bring peace and love to the world. Let us do our own part and showing our love for humanity. Looking forward to scroll #2 on LOVE. 🙂