MKMMA Week 8: “Buried Alive!!!”



I am buried alive in technology … Even in my quietest spaces and places it creeps in to make its presence known. Wk8_2


I fought tooth and nail not to get a cell phone … but under the guise of, “For emergencies Mom” grew it to be a 24 hour, 7day invasion into my life… I lost the battle! Or so I thought …

I sit looking around my family room and I marvel in terror at all the electronic things bleeping and flashing lights at me …TV, Cable, Computer, Cell Phone, IPD, Gameboys, X Box, Wii, Play Station, all in a hands reach of me … What happened? When did family time, people time become driven by technology… Not a word can be whispered as we sit together, but everyone is in deep conversation with that little hand held device … texting, Facebooking, Twitting, and Instagram. Where has the voice gone … sharing how was your day, what did you do … crazy!!!


What are all these things doing to my mind, body and soul??

  1. Isolation of a relationship between me and a device
  2. Lack of social skills, loss of being able to interact with a human being
  3. Lack of good writing and grammar skills with short forms I need to look up
  4. Obesity and no exercise, sitting for hours
  5. Increase in depression by choice of an unhealthy life style
  6. Poor sleep habits connected 24/7
  7. Pollution filling the landfill with old, moving to next newest and best
  8. Lack of privacy- the world can look inside your life
  9. Warped sense of reality… No reality
  10. Stress and unreal expectation for immediate responses
  11. Hand injury strain
  12. Neck and back pain
  13. Sitting kills … support in the book “Sitting Kills … Moving Heals”
  14. Lack of social and sexual boundaries, there are none
  15. Lack of social connection/support … Sense of community
  16. Constant distraction. Trained to respond to the bell buzz or quirky tune … Palovian!!
  17. Short attention span
  18. Addiction to need for technology
  19. Lack of empathy … No feelings
  20. Desensitization to violence
  21. Energy consumption
  22. Impact on health and wellness of children … a generation of unlimited access and excess
  23. Impact on hearing and vision
  24. Loss of self in the Global Sea of the Internet
  25. More serious accidents: automotive and pedestrian

And the list goes on and on …

How has technology impacted on you and your family? It is not to say that all technology is bad, there is much good in health and life that has benefited from it.

The problem is only when it becomes the doorway to the world for us and we stop connecting with other human beings!!!


WE NEED ELECTRONIC FREEDOM!! To talk with our families… share, hug and love them!! It brought me back to Bob Marley’s song about Freedom and Redemption and my deliverance and rescue from technology, even if only for a moment.

Can we do it?? YES, I did!

This week’s opportunity in MKMMA is to be technology free and reconnect with the world that lies outside our doors, family and friends. Keeping technology to work and safety use only… It’s different. You are like an alien in this world with so many with head down looking into their devices … You’re looking up seeing the trees and trying to smile at people who don’t see beyond their cell screen … But it is ok!


This has been an incredible opportunity to understand the impact and how much time technology is taking from my life. Knowing, I can say NO to not be driven by the demands it has placed on me.

It is a wonderful World! So thank you MKMMA for opening my eyes to my power to be me and happy in this world and I end this blog with Louis Armstrong.

In love and happiness to all … I see trees of green and red roses too!

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  • Catherine Osthaus

    Fantastic Post! I will share it with my kids. You made some great points on how technology has invaded every space in our lives.

  • Chad Uebele

    Thanks for sharing your insights into your journey Christina. Technology can be controlled as I write this on my computer…. Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

  • Wendy's Master Key

    This week was an eye opener for me too! Great blog Christina!!

  • lydia johnson

    Wow…fantastic posy Christina!! Thanks for sharing with us all 🙂

  • Celeste Jonson

    ’tis true. Great in depth message that all people (at least in the U.S. need to read.

  • Joanne Black

    It really is a wonderful world when you unplug.