MKMMA Christina Chiba

Nagoya, Japan

September 29, 2016

By Oprah Winfrey


I am standing in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I am in Japan meeting Christina Chiba, entrepreneur and success business owner at her home in Nagoya. I am here to learn about her journey, business success and the pivotal events in her life that have brought her to this point.

The house is a short walk up, a narrow road boarder by lush green forest. At the top of the mountain snuggled amongst the trees is a traditional Japanese home. The house is open to nature, with large sliding doors to allow the breeze to flow throw the house …

Christina comes out dressed in jeans and a white top, looking like a young girl rather than the success business entrepreneur we have seen in the news, television and talking to large audiences. One would be hard pressed to think that she has a hugely successful global Nerium business looking at the simplicity of her life.

Hand out reached Christina invites my crew and I into her home and life. She readily greets everyone making them feel at home and at ease.


“Welcome to my home, walk with me to the gardens where we can rest and enjoy this beautiful afternoon. I have prepared some green tea and traditional Japanese sweets for everyone.”


Christina explains about the garden and its symbolism, which reflects her way of life now …

“The garden design is to be ‘a faithful representation of nature’ to impart as sense of simple unspoiled beauty, reflecting Zen spiritualism in the Tsukiyama style, developed in the Edo period. It is a mirror of the way I now live my life grounded in nature and at peace with myself. I just love to sit and drink in the beauty of it all.”

At that moment we all seemed to surrender to the peace and tranquility of this little piece of heaven on earth … Silence only broken by the sound of a passing bird.

Almost in a whisper as not to break beauty and peace of the moment, Christina gently speaks and asks, “What would you like to know?” And this is how we began to learn about her life and story.

First question, “Did you ever imagine that you would be sitting here with the world wanting to know more about you and your successes?”

A smile crossed Christina’s face and her eyes lit up … “Of course. I always knew one day I would be sitting across from you enjoying tea and talking about my life, just not exactly when. As a child, I knew I had things to do in this world to make a difference for my family and for others.”

“I started as a nurse practitioner, but things happened in my life that directed me on my journey of self-discovery and success and to be able to give back and help others. So many wonderful teachers have come into my life who guided me and helped me discover my true self.”

“Who were these teachers that helped you?”

“Well this is a cliché but … my case it was so true, when a student needs a teacher, the teacher will appear. For me it was Mark and Davene Januszewski and the Master Key Master Minds Alliance System/Program, which gave me the shift from having an idea to acting on it. I had read and done lots of self-help things but this was really the turning point in my life.”

“You see a few years leading up to me sitting with you where there were not without its challenges … I went through some personal things with family and health that bolted me into the now. I realize that this moment is all we have now, the moment before is gone and the next not yet here. We must not waste the moment- for when it is gone we can never retrieve it again. My vision became clear on what I needed to do for myself, my husband, my sons and my business.”

“Mark and Davene taught me that there is no quick fix and you need to role up your sleeves and do the work in order to be successful, but it was not work in business, but it was the work on me that was critical.”

“I needed to find my Golden Buddha within, that I had so long ago covered in the clay and lost who I was and what I had to offer. Quietly living a life of desperation as Thoreau so accurately stated.”

“I wish everyone would watch a short video about the Golden Buddha. It would be eye opening for many.”

What was so special about the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA)?

“To put it simply, it is the first time that I helped myself. All the other books and programs tell you what to do, but the bottom line is that it is you who has to help you not someone telling you what to do. It has to come from the ‘world within’ not the world outside.” “MKMMA put the responsibility in your hands as it should be, it’s your life.”

“I am just passionate about the program and with the ‘Pay if Forward Scholarships’ it has given anyone the opportunity to experience the incredible potential power that exists in us all.”

“I would love to invite you when Davene and Mark will be here. We are working on bringing MKMMA to come to Japan this year. Though it is a culture of great history and wisdom, like many places in the world we have disconnected from the ‘I’ and world within.”

I’ve talked a lot about MKMMA but this is really why I am here today.

Suddenly, Christina rises and stands as something has caught her eye.

It is a Japanese man and two young men walking towards where we are sitting. Christina’s eyes mist as she sees them … who are they?

“Oprah, this is wonderful timing. This is my husband Naoki and my sons Kentaro and Seiji. They are just returning from our home in Canada and Nepal, visiting our charities. Our passions are for the Food Banks, Humane Society and the children of Nepal. It is quite a mixed bag, but it brings us great joy that my financial success allows us to enjoy the beautiful life we have, but also share and help others … We believe that the more you give, the more you will get and then be able to make a greater positive difference in the world.”

There is so much more to cover …

Christina invites us to say for dinner and we plan to continue this interview and a friendship is forged!