MKMMA Week 2: “Cards / Colour / Connecting …”

My mind is reeling after week two’s webinar! Cards

My first question this week was: “When did I surrender to the masses way of thinking?”. Then I realized, ‘forget about it’, “when” is not important but knowing that ‘I have had the realization!’. Now I know I can move on …

This week’s MKMMA was like I was back taking my first step as a child. Baggage free, I was a little timid and fearful, excited and surrounded by good feelings of success. MKMMA is guiding me on how to reclaim my autonomy- that “freedom from all external control or influence; independence.”

“The me in me”, we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think” (MKMMA Experience, Part One, page 4). “

“My thoughts not someone else’s!”

Waking today at 6 a.m. felt amazing, energized and ready for MKMMA work … really it is fun!

Book, binder and cards in hand, I started my day.

My chore was to clean the refrigerator … Sounds a little crazy to be a part of MKMMA. This is critical to my adventure of self discovery. It is the linking of activity with images, words and positive emotions that will propel me forward. Making good habits!

Each week is building a burning desire to live with intention and live forward … I am beginning to see that there is so much more to life and the world.

MKMMA is asking incredible questions …

What is my personal pivotal need? Things I have never thought out loud or put into words …

Legacy and Autonomy

What an amazing gift we can give to ourselves to re-discover the world within us all!

I have begun to observe the world around me. It is like I have new/old eyes!

This is the Yellow, Blue, Green, Red Brick Road forged in reality, science and authenticity … If only everyone had the opportunity to travel this road, their road, what an incredible world of people would there be …

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  • Trish

    YES! Quickly moving past a potential obstacle the might slow you down… LOVE that! 🙂

  • Christel Waltman

    Christina, you’ve figured out quite a few essentials here while embarking on your new journey..I applaude you…and isn’t it great to know that after raising your find a new deeper purpose as you discover the greatness inside you 🙂
    PS: I noticed we have a couple things in common, that is the PPN Legacy and cool 🙂

  • Burgess Harrison

    I noticed the multi-colored index cards. I went with the plain white but I like the color. Will you have some code to using the colors and how will you add color for the blue and red boxes? I am always looking for new ideas. Yes, this is a journey. I look forward to connecting with those on the same journey in this MKMMA experience. I wonder, on this path to self discovery, what will we find on the other side? Much success as we traverse this new path.

  • Christian Verny

    “What an amazing gift we can give to ourselves to re-discover the world within us all!”
    Great I fully agree with you.